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2 3/8 Api Dth Drill Pipe For Mining And Stone Quarrying

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2 3/8 API DTH Drill Pipe for mining and stone quarryingProduct Information1.Type: Drill Pipe2.Material:42CrMo73.Brand Name:KAIYU4.Use: Welling Drilling5.Thread type: 2 3/8" REG6.Machine Type: Drilling Tool7.Certification: ISO9001 , API8.Processing Type: Forging9.Packing Details: bundles, thread protectors on pin and box10:Delivery time: Within 15days after the payment.Product DescriptionDrill pipes that are used in applications such as DTH/ DTHR/ DR basically comprise of a steel tube with a pin at one end and a box on the other. The job of the drill pipe is to transmit rotational torque and thrust from the drill rig rotary head to down hole drilling tools. DTH drill tubes are used for connecting DTH hammer and DTH button bits; they are made from seamless tubes. According to different application, different diameters of drill tubes are needed, basically, smaller DTH hammers need smaller DTH drill tubes, vice avers. Usually we are offering 50mm, 60mm, 76mm, 89mm, etc. ALL DTH drill tubes are friction welded, and usually the threads are standard API connections,like23/8" API REG thread, 3 1/2" API REG thread or API IF thread, etc.According to customers request, from 1000mm to 5000mm length of tubes are availableThread Pin/Box wall thickness(mm) Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Wrench flats(mm) 2 3/8" API REG6100076572 3/8" API REG6150076572 3/8" API REG6200076572 3/8" API REG6300076572 3/8" API REG6100076652 3/8" API REG6150076652 3/8" API REG6200076652 3/8" API REG6300076652 3/8" API REG5.5100089652 3/8" API REG5.5150089652 3/8" API REG5.5200089652 3/8" API REG5.5300089652 3/8" API REG6.5100089652 3/8" API REG6.5150089652 3/8" API REG6.5200089652 3/8" API REG6.5300089652 3/8" API REG6.5450089652 3/8" API REG6.5600089652 3/8" API REG6.51000102752 3/8" API REG6.51500102752 3/8" API REG6.52000102752 3/8" API REG6.53000102752 3/8" API REG6.54500102752 3/8" API REG6.5600010275  Features DTH Drill rod is made of high quality material detected by spectroscope, impact and tension test.With fully digitized processing line introduced from Italy, with integral heat treatment equipmentAnti adhesion thread with nitrogen treatment on surface make it easier for handling.Metal-lography detection, hardness test, magna-flux inspection, ultrasonic flaw detection, tensile test and impact test ensure products quality.The key features of a high quality. DTH tube are durability, accuracy and manageability.Advantage1.applicable hard, very hard and medium soft rock formations.2.Reliable quality, long service life, rare abnormal breakage during service life.3.Good flushing effect to ensure high drilling rate.4.Strict quality warranty and compensation rules.

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