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200kw Super Audio Frequency Induction Heat Treatment Machine For Pc Steel

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200KW Super Audio Frequency Induction Heat Treatment machine for PC SteelContents:PC steel was invented by Japan and applied in production in the 1960s,and then Chain started to produce and apply in the 1980s.At that time, PC steel which was presented by 200KW super audio frequency induction heat treatment machine was developed slowly because of the technical backward of induction heating power supply until the beginning time of 21 century was coming. The institutions of Zhejiang University and Shanghai Research Institute established series of advanced-to some extent-quenching and tempering production line of PC steel induction heating in turn. Meanwhile, they offered numerous PC steel with high quality to domestic markets in time.PC steel is produced using high-speed wire rod mill control appetizer round, and after the surface is processed by rust treatment, cold drawn into surface with a plurality of spiral grooves is distributed raw steel. PC steel used for architecture is achieved through induction heating hardening and tempering treatment of raw material steel.Specifications:Model/configuration200Cooling water    pressure0.2-0.3MPaWork powerThree phase380V/50HZHost weight98kgWorking    voltage range(AC)342V-430VTransformer    weight140kgMaximum input    current245AHost    configuration dimensions650×520×1100Maximum output    current200KVATransformer    configuration dimensions500×800×580Oscillation    frequency10-35KHzHost colorBlue/whiteContinuous    load rate100%Transformer    colorBlue/whiteCooling water    flow(hosts)35L/min(0.3MPa)Particularly    recommendedDrill rod    heatingCooling water    flow(transformer)30L/min(0.3MPa)Temperature28℃Advantages:1. Heating very fast. The temperature rises up to 1200 degree, even higher within a few seconds.2. 00% continuous load rate. The induction heating equipment is able to work continuously about 24 hours one day.3. High conversion efficiency and energy saving 15%-30%, compared to SCR/KGPS technology.4. Perfect and complete protection systems, increasing equipment's reliability and stability.5. No pollution and environmental protection, having no harm to human health.Package:1. On the outside, packing fumigation wooden cases.2. Inside part, packing plastic film.3. Induction coil is packaged inside.After-sale:Trusted brands of LiPAI and outstanding team of members enable to offer superior manufacturing quality and extraordinary delivery service support. Responsible team of technician is available any time of the day or night and able to provide quick response to our customers wherever they are.And experienced employees give the ability to handle large orders or volume increases while maintaining our commitment to quality, service and delivery. Strong staffs can be qualified to address customers issues and emergencies while they can provide appreciate solutions.

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