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2016 New Design Mini Best Anti Aging Eye Cream Massager

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Product Description
Model NO: BT-13092016 New design Mini best anti aging eye cream massager1. Product Introduction:  Heated Facial Toning Device BT-13091.Intellectualized design, ON/OFF touch control. NO switch.2.Iontophoresis promoting skin care cream/gel/lotion essence penetrating into skin basal layer, activate skin cells and remove fine lines and wrinkles3.158 times/s high-frequency micro-vibration massage, stimulate dermal brood cells. Accelerate regrowth of collagen, restore elastic fiber4.Comfortable thermal care massage head maintain heat effect 42℃±3℃,open the pores and refresh skin, keeping skin firm, glossy and elastic.5.Diagonal design of massage head fitting skin closely, lift and massage skin all-round including corners of nose and mouth.6.Considerate protection cap as accessory to avoid massage head from scratched. To prevent vibration and consume battery electricity when touched carelessly.1.       Rotate counter-clockwise and insert 1*AAA battery in battery compartment2.       Rotate clockwise and close it3.      Apply desired skin care/eye care cream or essence on face4.      Hold the sensor plate and put the massage head on skin, it will work automatically.5.     Please clean the massage head with a towel or tissue after use, and put on the cap.1.       Eyes aroundUsing together with skin care cream/gel, moving uniformly and massaging gently from canthus one side to the other side , to lift & smooth and deeply nourish skin around eyes.2.       ForeheadUpward massaging form eyebrow to hair line, 158times/s high-frequency micro-vibration massage activate skin cells, promote nutrition penetration. Soothe brows and relax pressure.3.       CheeksMassaging the cheeks upward and outward, accelerate blood circulation, stimulate dermal brood cells, decompose extra facial fat, remove fine wrinkles , firm and slim face.    4   Mouth Corners        Lift up the corners of mouth in massaging, tighten lip line, keep the corners of mouth presenting charming Mona Lisa smile.5       Neck SkinAlong with upward massaging of neck skin, ions & high-frequency micro-vibration will help our skins to absorb essence completely and be moisturized deeply2. Product parameter : Heated Facial Toning Device BT-1309Vibration    frequency158 TIMES/SUnite    size120*20*20mmOperating    Voltage1.5VBattery 1xAAA alkaline batteryPower 750mWOperating    Current 

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