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2016 Top Sale Portable Facial Cleansing Brush

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Model NO:Sonic Skin Cleasning  TB-1329A1. Product Introduction :FSonic Skin Cleasning brush BT-1329BPower by 2*AAA batteries , more portable and safe of use .Two styles for choose.Two headsmeet and Five headsmeet.( pumice Stone head; sponge head; Fine buffer head; Latex sponge head, and cleansing brush head)                           1.Deep Cleansing brush: Tiny and softer bristles to flush and dislodge oil and debris that clogs pores, deeply clean skin.2.Exfoliated brush : Tiny and high tenacity nylon bristles to exfoliate dead skin effectively. 3.With 2 varying levels of rotating speed, you can use it according to our specific skin concerns. Designed for fragile or acne skin. Speed 1 (300rpm) is delicate enough for even very sensitive skin conditions. Speed 2(500rpm) is developed for oily and thicker cuticle skin.4.Improves healthy-looking skin in just 1 minute: skin tome, Pores, Smoothness,and brightness.5.Dust-tight and protected against water jets6.Breathable protective cover with 18 mini holes to prevent bacterial growth.1.       Apply cleansing foam on hands. Moistened brush head or apply cleanser directly to moistened skin.2.       Push the on/off button to turn on your cleansing brush, select desired intensity of use.3.     30s on T-Zone-gently moving the brush head on forehead, nose in small circular motions4.    30s on U-Zone-gently moving the brush head on chin, cheek in small circular motions. 5  Clean face and the brush after use (To avoid short circuit, do not soak the product in  the water)6. Wipe drops off with a clean, dry towel, coat the protective cover, and then store in a ventilated place.ect desired intensity of use.2. Update item to set 2. Product parameter: Sonic Skin Cleasning brush BT-1329BSpeed 1300±50rpmSpeed2500±50rpmUnit    size58x80x93mmOperating    Voltage Speed1 DC2.6VOperating    Voltage Speed2DC3VOperating    Current speed1450±30MaOperating    Current speed2550±30MaBattery 2xAAA batteriesPower≤1.70wMaterialABSN.W.115G3.Product Feature : Sonic Skin Cleasning brush BT-1329BCautions  of Face Cleansing Brush   This item operated by 2Xaaa Batteries. Please insert it correctly according to the polarity indication in battery          compartment.       Please keep your hands dry when you change the batteries      The product is waterproof but could not soak in the water long time       Cleanser with or without foam is available      1 to 2 times per week on non-consecutive days(as skin permits)      Please coat the protective cover after use, and store in a ventilated place. Batteries must be removed from the equipment if not used for long time     7.   Keep out of the reach of young children 4. Shipping and Servicing: Sonic Skin Cleasning brush BT-1329B5.Recommendations : Sonic Skin Cleasning brush BT-1329B5 in 1 Rechargeable Sonic Skin Cleasning brush Home use Heated electric Wrinkle Reducer Portable Electric heated Breast Care Device6 in 1 rechargeable Foot Callus RemoverRechargeable portable Anti-aging Portable Device

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