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20ton/day Fully Automatic Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

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Product descriptionAccording to our experience ,we design the Continuous pyrolysis plant for youFirst.Auto feeding We design special for you ,due to your special raw material . the main reactor a mouth to realize automatic feeding with oil pump .  Second.heating room Directing heat the reactor ,the fire direct contact the main reactor .it have two disadvantage 1.Main reactor Steel oxidation is faster ,if time is long, the main reactor will fall off a layer .so you need to change the main reactor 2.The main reason ,it may burn the workers. when our workers feed the fuel ,for example,wood or coal . ,because the furnace has high temperature .3.It is inconvenient, when your workers add the fuel .We design the new heating system for you to solve above two ways Third.auto discharge the carbon black Our auto discharge the carbon black advantgage 1.High temperature discharge the carbon black.it can be discharge the carbon black in 350 degree .it changed the way of batch by batch discharge the slag need to wait until the main reactor temperature down.2.Saves fuel.using the first furnace temperature to heat the second furnace .so it is saves fuel .3.Environmental protection .it is in the fully closed process whole discharge the carbon black 4.Save the labour .the carbon black from storage tank direct to the bag then carry away by car 5.Safety.in the safety condition process ,so the safety is frist compare to the batch .

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