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2,3 Or 4 Shift Cnc Router

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Product Description
Two spindle Alternately     Three spindle Alternately     Four spindle Alternately     Pneumatic Tool Change CNC Router is very easily to use. Users only need to save the cutters position in the tool path, then system could realize the cutter auto changing according to the cutter code. And the user does not need to worry tool changing failed or spindle changing speed etc, also will not feel pity using 8.5kw spindle to drill 6mm holes.  This series support spindle integrated control for multi-head from 2 to 8pcs, can delivery command to spindles to work in tandem, also can work similar as CNC router with auto tool changer. Pneumatic Tool Change CNC Router allow users to set different tool path for different spindles( cutters), similar working mode as auto tool changer. When the first spindle complete its work, the second spindle( cutter) can go on its own work automatically.        The advantage using Pneumatic Tool Change CNC Router is its high speed of spindle changing or we call it cutter changing, only takes 2 seconds, you can turn on spindle in advance for warming up; could using different spindle, from 800w to 6.5kw, do not have to use 8.5kw ATC spindle to drill holes; easier maintenance, replace spindle easily; no exist of tool changing problem, will not have to stop working because of failed tool changing problem, good for mass production line.  Pneumatic Tool Change CNC Router prove you that time is money. High efficiency, easier operation, low maintenance fee. You only need to install the extra spindle ( ATC spindle is very expensive, while common spindle is only 30%-60% around of it at the price.  Model:YS 1325,YS1530,YS2030, YS2040  X,Y-Axis Travel: 1300*2500mm; 1500*3000mm or more  Z-Axis Travel: 200mm or others  Spindle Power: 3kw*3, 24000rpm/4.5kw/6kw or others  Collet: ER20/ER25  Positioning Accuracy: 0.025mm  Repeatability: +/- .0025mm  Max Traverse Speed: 30m/min  Max Power Consumption: 3.0, 4.5kw or 6.0 spindle  Drive System X and Y axis: Rack and Pinion, Hiwin rail linear bearing  Drive System Z axis: Lead Screw,Hiwin rail linear bearing  Standard Work Surface: Aluminum T-Plate Extrusion Combined Bakelite Vacuum Table  Motor: Stepper or servo  Spindle Protection Device: digital spindle temprature monitor  Command languages: G code, *mmg, *plt, *u00  Voltage: AC380V/50/60Hz,3PH (Option: 220V)  Software: Type3, Artcam etc  ControllerType: DSP Remote ControllerInterface: USB  Memory: 128 MB  File Size Limit: Unlimited  File Type: G codes & PLT  Optional  Servo motor system  HSD selfcooling spindle, 18000rpm  PC platform working mode( Weihong Controller system and NC studio software)Mechanical part of the machine ___________________________________ 1 piece  Spindle Motor 3.0 KW 4.5 or 6.0kw power  (is mounted on the machine) _______ 1, 2 or 3   piece  CNC electronic control box _______________________________________ 1 piece  Control System _______________________________________________  1 piece  Vacuum pump  (for the vacuum table)_______________________________ 1 piece  Wate pump (for water cooling spindle) ______________________________ 1 piece for each spindle  SOFTWARE  TYPE3 or ARTCAM  SPTA  (Spare Parts, Tools and Accessories)  for the machine  1. Tool kit  _________________________________________________ 1 kit  2. Collets  ER20 or ER25 or ER32 _____________________________ 4 pcs for each spindle  3. Clamps  for fastening workpiece  ____________________________  8 pcs  4. Kit of bits  ______________________________________________ 20 pcs  5. Brush __________________________________________________1piece  6. Allen Key _______________________________________________ 4 pcs  7. Open Spanner ___________________________________________ 2pcs  8. Sealing Strip _____________________________________________ 1 piece  9. Achor Bolt _______________________________________________ 4-6 pcs

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