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2.4g Rf Rgb Led Controller Manual

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HX-MULTZ-SZ100-RGBRF Multiple-zone Touch ControllerHX-MULTZ-SZ100-RGB is a capable of multiple zones unified controlling products. The system consists of two parts, the RF remote control and receiver components, to achieve integrated control of multiple areas within the effective distance range, to meet the growing demands of LED lighting environmental control from the market. Applications such as: RGB LED strips, LED modules, LED string lights and other RGB constant voltage type LED lamps. Adopted RF touch 18-key remote control, to achieve independent control of up to 10 areas, including switching, pause, adjust mode, and speed adjustment and brightness adjustment. The receiver section compatible with the HOION RGB signal amplifier for power expansion, to achieve more control of LED lights, in theory, numerous RGB amplifiers can be connected.Product Features ●Used for constant voltage RGB LED lamps, working voltage DC12-24V.●Multiple-zone unified control, achieve independent zone control up to 10 zones.●User-friendly designing with Full-color touch wheel for color selection and clear function key area.●Adopt RF remote control technology, as RF signal sender, RF frequency: 2.4GHz。●Sleep-wakeup design, for energy conservation.●Transmission Distance:up to 30m,no need line-of-sight.Technical ParametersReceiver, model for separately purchase: HX-SZ100-MULTZ-RGB.Working temperature-20-60℃Supply voltageDC12~24VStandby power<1WConnecting modecommon anodeBrightness levels256Speed levels100Net weight180gGross weight200gExternal dimensionL127*W41*H32 (mm)Output3 channels(RGB)Output current<6A(each channel)Output power12V:<216W,24V:<432WRF distance≤30mRF frequency2.4GHzMemory functionsupportEffect23RF remote control, model for separately purchase: HX-MULTZ-RCRGB.Working temperature-20-60℃Supply voltage12V/23A*2Standby current6.5uAWorking current16mAStandby power0.078mWWorking power0.192WNet weight120gExternal dimensionL150*W62*H25 (mm)RF distance≤30mRF frequency2.4GHzInterface Specifications Power and Payload interface:Adopt male and female connector with screw.Direction for use Adopts RF 2.4GHz remote control, with one color ring and 18 buttons. The function of each button as below:Name of keyInstructionRemarksON/OFFON or OFF in any timePausePause or ContinueZone selection0-9 for up to 10 zonesMatching the all RF codes before using.FunctionMode up/down, speed up/down, brightness up/down23 modes in total.Color RingTouch any color which you want23 modes as below:NoPatternsRemarksNoPatternsRemarks1Static redBrightness is adjustable, Speed is unadjustable.13Red stroboflashSpeed andBrightnessare adjustable2Static blue14Blue stroboflash3Static purple15Purple stroboflash4Static green16Green stroboflash5Static yellow17Yellow stroboflash6Static cyan18Cycan stroboflash7Static white19White stroboflash8Three-color jumpy changingSpeed and brightness are adjustable20R/B crossfadeSpeed is adjustable,brightness is unadjustable9Seven-color jumpy changing21B/G crossfade10White breathingSpeed is adjustable, brightness is unadjustable22G/R crossfade11Three-color gradual changing23Auto running8th~22nd12Seven-color gradual changingZone setting:From 0 to 9, 10 codes for up to 10 zones, matching RF codes with all receivers before using. Matching operation as below:1. Press and hold the "Pause" key and powering on the receiver(Or Press "Pause" key within 2 seconds after powering on the receiver), the LEDloading will output 50% brightness white. (Tip: if the output does not output 50% brightness, indicating that the code learning is not successful, need to repeat the step 1).2. Press the "Number" key 3 times (each time should be finished within 3 seconds after the last time), the LED will change as: 25% brightness white 10% brightness whiteback to the mode before power off. It indicates the successful code learning. If not, repeat from step 1.Typical Applications Application Circuit: RF remote control and receiver Application Circuit: receiver and LED loadingProduct information for placing order Product nameItem numberRF Multiple-zone Touch ControllerHX-MULTZ-SZ100-RGB

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