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250ml White Foamer Pump Bottle

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Product Description

Capacity:250ML foam pump bottle

Material: New PET

Bottle Height: 176MM

Bottle with Pump: 241MM

Diameter:47MM Perimeter:149mm

Neck size:42MM

A foam pump is a non-aerosol way of dispensing liquid materials. The foam pump outputs the liquid in the form of foam and it is operated by squeezing.

A foam pump emits doses of the liquid contained in the bottle in the form of foam. Foam is created in the foamer chamber. The liquid constituents are mixed in the foaming chamber and this is discharged through a nylon mesh. The neck finish size of a foam pump is bigger than the neck finish size of other types of pumps, to accommodate the foamer chamber. The usual neck size of a foam pump is 40 or 43mm.


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