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254nm 185nm Single End 4 Pin Uv Lamp For Water Treatment

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254nm 185nm single end 4 pin uv lamp for water treatment 

The UVC lamp is made by quartz tube which can penetrate the ultraviolet wavelength 254nm, ultraviolet wave 185nm produces ozone which be dissolved in water  to destroy the walls of the cells of microorganism ,and thereby kill them immediately.
Ultraviolet technology has been one of the most effective methods of water treatment and air purification.UV germicidal lamp is the ideal solution for water disinfection application in a safe way,without using any chemicals.
Application areas:
UV germicidal lamp for water is used for disinfection all kinds of water .UV lamp is used for pure water, live water, hydronium water, cure water grow hydronium of dianfect, deal with of water convebtion equipment; light burn up light accelerant diapel liquid waste content, apply for liquid waste deal.

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