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27g*50mm Blunt-tipped Needles

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27G*50mm Blunt-tipped NeedlesFeatures:● By adopting argon arc welding process,Website:http://www.mydr-c.com, the circular arc closed form top and lateral side arc shape holes enables needle to move in the soft tissues safely and smoothly● Do no harm to the nerves or blood vessels and other important organization    ● No extravasated blood   Specifications:GaugeLength0.30(30G)1½"38mm2"50mm0.40(27G)0.50(25G)0.60(23G)0.70(22G)0.80(21G)                 1. Uses a specifically formulated thread made of biodegradable protein .2. Provides less pressure by using a very thin and narrow thread .3. Can perform a total face lift .4. A short procedure, taking about 50 minutes including before and after care .5. Possible to wash after the next day of the procedure due to the absence of scarrin .6. Has an excellent effect and lasting duration because the thread holds a wide portion of the face.7. Makes a small and slim face by lifting wide and wrinkled areas intensively .8. Provides skin elasticity and tone improvement by stimulating epidermswhich form Collagen .

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