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2m 3m 5m 7.5m 10m Abs Steel Measuring Tape Portable Retractable Tape Measure

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Product Description
A tape measure or measuring tape is a flexible ruler. It consists of a ribbon of cloth,Website:http://www.coofixgroup.com, plastic, fibre glass, or metal strip with linear-measurement markings. Coofix tools supply many kinds of measuring tools , such as measuring tape,aluminum level,vernier caliper,laser level meter,long tape measuring, etc.Model: CF-MT001measuring tape length: 3m/5m/7.5m/8m/10mmeasuring tape width: 13mm/16mm/19mm/25mmmeasuring tape thickness: 0.14mm/0.16mmmeasuring tape blade system: metric/Britishmeasuring tape blade: matt/bright/nylon coat/nylon wrapmeasuring tape material: ABS+rubberLENGTHWIDTHQTY/BOXQTY/CTNMEAS/BOXMEAS/CTN3m/10ft16mm/5/8''12pcs120pcs305*155*8831.5*31*45.55m/16ft19mm/3/4''12pcs72pcs330*156*9034*32*285m/16ft25mm/1''6pcs72pcs180*170*9537*34.5*29.57.5m/25ft25mm/1''6pcs72pcs180*175*10237*36*21.58m/27ft25mm/1''6pcs72pcs180*175*10237*36*21.510m/33ft25mm/1''6pcs48pcs188*185*10538.4*38*221.nylon wrape/coated blade  measuring tape with 5 times more wear-proof than normal blade2.environmental protection ABS used in our measuring tape3.smooth spring measuring tape4.assist patent magnetic can be choosed for our measuring tape

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