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2v3000ah Chinese Solar Gel Battery With Long Life Over 20years

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Basic Info.Model NO.:CG2-3000 Storage BatteryType:Solar GEL BatteriesUsage:Car, Bus, UPS, Electric Power, Lighting, Electric Bicycle, BoatNominal Voltage:2VDischarge Rate:Low Discharge RateShape:Square BatteryElectrolyte:AcidInstallation:PackagedRechargeable:ChargeableVoltage:2V Storage BatterySize:L*W*H*Th=710*353*341*383mmCapacity:3000ah Gel BatteryWeight:188.5kgs Storage Gel Battery for off Grid SystemWarranty:3 Years off Grid Storage Gel BatteryExpected Cycle Time:15-20 Years Gel BatteryDelivery Time:15 DaysBrand:Cspower/OEMExport Markets:GlobalTerminal Type:T20 Additional Info.Trademark:CSPOWER/OEMPacking:1 Battery in Carton, 1 Pallet with Wooden PalletStandard:CE, ISO, IEC, SGSOrigin:Guangzhou, GuangdongHS Code:8507200000Production Capacity:10000PCS/MonthProduct Description2V3000Ah Chinese Gel Storage Battery for off-Grid solar system1. Long life Storage Battery Gel battery for off-Grid solar power system2. Sealed free maintenance battery 2V3000Ah3. Warranty 3years free replacement, over 20-25 years life.4. CSPOWER brand, OEM is also welcome and free charge5. CE, ISO, IEC, SGS Certificates.CSPOWER CG series of 2V GEL VRLA batteries are recognized as the most reliable and high quality battery system in the industry. They are designed with advanced silica Gel technology, Long service life designed over 20-25 years.Long life battery Advanced Features1. Environmentally friendly2. Completely Maintenance-Free3. Non-Spillable construction design.4. Wide Operating Temperature Range(-20° C~+60° C)5. Longer Life(20years designed life)6. Explosion Proof7. Valve Regulated & High Discharge Rate Capability8. Low Self Discharge9. Independent of Position10. Ease of Shipment11. No need of balanced charge or boost12. No MemoryChinese solar GEL battery Applications1.Communication equipment,2.Telecommunication control equipment,3.Emergency lighting systems,4.Electric power systems,5.Power station,6.Nuclear power station,7.Solar powered and wind powered systems8.Load leveling and storage equipment9.Marine equipment,10.Power generation plants, 11. Uninterruptible power supplies,12.Medical equipment,13.Fire and security systems; Control equipment.About CSPOWER:Our office is in Shenzhen, factories located in Dongguan and Shaoguan China.We have obtained CE, ISO, IEC certificates and SGS test report for battery.CSPOWER Battery Tech Co.,Ltd supply our customers reliable products with high quality and competitive price, since we have our own Lead mine & smelter factory & plate factory & SLA battery assembling factory, the purity quotient of our lead is99.998%.The main products of CSPOWER is 2V/6V/12V AGM sealed free maintenance lead acid battery, Solar deep cycle battery, Solar GEL battery upto 2V3000Ah, 6V300Ah, 12V300Ah, total over 400models, mainly used for solar power, wind power, ups system, inverter system, telecom, golf cart, electric vehicles and so on.CSPOWER long lasting GEL BATTERY MATERIAL ADVANTAGES:1) Container/Cover: Made of UL94HB and UL 94-0ABS Plastic, fire resistance and water proof.2) 99.99% pure new lead NEVER use recycle lead.3) Negative Plates: Use the special PbCa alloy grids, optimize the recombination efficiency and less gassing.4) High quality AGM separator5) Positive plates: PbCa grids minimize corrosion and prolong life.6) Terminal post: Copper or lead material with maximum conductivity, enhance the high current rapidly.7) Vent Valve: Allows the release of the excess gas automatically for safety.8) Three steps of Seal procedures: Ensure battery completely sealed with safety, never leakage and volatile acid, longer life.Model NO.Nominal      Voltage      (V)Rated Capacity(AH) 20hrs/25Approx. WeightDimensions(mm)Terminal TypekglbsLengthWidthHeightTotal HeightmminchmminchmminchmminchCG12-33123310.422.91967.701315.161556.101706.69T9/T16CG12-38123812.226.841977.731666.541746.851817.13T12CG12-50125016.235.62309.061385.432118.302299.01T9/T16CG12-55125516.235.62309.061385.432118.302299.01T9/T16CG12-65126520,545.135013.81666.541797.051797.05T9CG12-70127022.048.426010.21696.652118.302158.46T16CG12-80128023.451.526010.21696.652118.32299.02T14CG12-8512852964.1030712.081696.652118.32349.21T16A/T8CG12-10012100306633113.01736.812138.392339.17T10CG12-1201212036.580.340716.01746.852098.232339.17T11CG12-134121344190.234113.431736.8128311.1428311.14T9/T20CG12-1501215042.593.548419.11716.732419.492419.49T11CG12-1801218056.512453020.92098.232148.432409.45T9CG12-200122006013252220.572409.452168.502409.45T11CG12-2301223064140.852220.62409.452168.502409.45T9CG12-250122506815052020.526810.552208.662439.57T11CG2-10021006.414.111716.73722.832068.112278.94T16CG2-15021509.019.81726.771024.022078.152278.94T6CG2-20022001430.91726.771114.3732913.035614.0T20CG2-300230020.545.21716.701515.9433013.036614.4T20CG2-400240027.560.62108.271766.9332913.036614.4T20CG2-500250033.573.92419.51726.833113.036614.4T20CG2-60026004190.430111.91756.8933113.036614.4T20CG2-800280055121.341116.11756.893301335614T20CG2-10002100066.5146.647518.71756.8933012.9935614.02T20CG2-150021500103.5228.240115.835113.834213.536914.5T20CG2-200022000136299.849119.335113.834313.536914.5T20CG2-30002300019542971028.035213.934213.536914.5T20

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