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3-phase Asynchronous Electrical Motor Yt Series Slip Ring Induction Motor variable

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3-phase asynchronous electrical motor YT series Electrical Performances:1) Combining the self research and development with introduced German technology, manufactured according to advanced techniques and standards, the generators features high reliablity and long operating life.2) Matched with lower power and loss frequency converter, making the entire turbine a higher efficient operation.3) Being able to adjust the active and reactive powers smoothly.4) Mounting type is IM B3, protection degree is IP54, insulation class is H. Cooling method is air-cooled(air/air cooler).5) A frame type box structure is adopted for the housing which ensures a high reliability of the generator during its operation.6) The stator and rotor windings are vacuum pressure impregnation processed so that the whole insulation performance of the generator is excellent and dependable, and also its mechanical strength is higher. A special insulation structure is used for the rotor, forming a strong ability against the high frequency harmonic impulse from frequency converter.7) The stator windings and bearings are fitted with the platinum thermistor PT100 for monitoring and controlling the winding and bearing temperatures.8) The bearings are equipped with an automatic grease charging system and a manual grease chargings system while a waste grease collecting unit is mounted at the ends of drive and oil-charging.9) The slipping system is fitted with a brush-worn alarm unit.10) A lightning protection device for stator and rotor can be mounted.11) The insulation bearings are applied to eliminate the influence of shaft current.A heating system working at a standstill of the generator is built in.

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