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300w Car Inverter

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Power inverters for car can work in just about any vehicle by using the outlet that has been traditionally used as a cigarette lighter. Just plug the inverter into the 12v socket and you'll have a safe and stable power source for your electronics. The chart below offers a look at the highest rated inverters in this category so you can quickly compare and contrast each make and model.

300w car inverter is an electronic device that takes a DC input and converts it into an AC output. Since car batteries provide DC voltage, and most consumer electronics work on AC, inverters are useful for using laptops and other devices on the road. However, there are some vital constraints to keep in mind whenever you use an inverter in your car. Factors like the capacity of the car battery, rated output of the alternator, and output wattage of the inverter can all play a part in determining which devices can be plugged in and used.

Modern electronics and devices play an essential role for both the professional and the family. Many times power for these electronics or to charge devices are not readily available. The solution is the power inverter. Great for people on the go, power inverters allow individuals to charge or power electronics and devices from their car.

To prevent damage to the inverter and connected equipment, the power inverter for car will shut down automatically if an overload is detected at the inverter outlets. Additional overload protection is provided by a replaceable 40-amp automotive fuse. An automatic low-battery shutdown feature prevents excessive battery drain, ensuring that you'll always have sufficient power available to start your vehicle. A dual-function audible alarm alerts you to an overload condition or a low DC input voltage condition (10.5V or less).

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300w car inverter
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