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37m Concrete Pump Truck

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Product Description
Features of 37m Concrete Pump Truck 1.Energy saving 2.Low oil temperature 3.Good equipment performanceIntroduction of 37m Concrete Pump Truck 1.The power system is consisted by technical diesel engine or electrical engine. 2.It can drive the pumping system directly which sampler the linkage structure and improved the efficiency. 3.Strong power system reduced the rate of occurring faults; 4.The elements of electrical controlling system is adopted Japan and Germany's original parts.The excellent assembly quality fully guaranteed the function of electrical controlling system.The special design of hopper and vane reduces the space of mixing blind angle thus makes the machine suitable for many kinds of concrete.Technical Data of 37m Concrete Pump TruckItemHDT5281THN-37/4HDT5291THB-37/4                      Main technical parameter in serviceOutput in theory(m3/h)125125Pumping capacity index(Mpa.m3/h)586586Theoretical pumping pressure(Mpa)8.58.5Bucket capacity(L)700700Feeding height(mm)13701370Distributing valve formS valveS valveMax.operation radius(m)32.632.6Max.operation height(m)36.636.6Max.operation depth(m)25.525.5Open height of boom(mm)84508450Distance between front landing legs(mm)70587058Distance between rear landing legs(mm)68486848Distance between front and rear landing legs(mm)67906790Diameter of conveying pipe(mm)125125Length of tail hose(m)44Rotary range of distributing boom(degree)370370Number of boom sections44Rotary angle of each boom section(degree)92/180/180/27092/180/180/270Close-control distance(m)3333Remote-control distance(m)200200                    Main technical parameters in traveling conditionMax traveling speed(km/h)8590Min.turning radius(mm)88008800Brake distance(m)77Approach angle(degree)1616Departure angle(degree)1111Chassis modelISUZU CYZ51QHOWOZZ5307N4647CWheel base between the first and second axle(mm)45954600Wheel base between the second and third axle(mm)13101350Front thread(mm)20652022Rear thread(mm)18501830Max.engine power(kw)265(1800r/min)247(2200r/min)Max.engine torque(n.m)1422(1100r/min)1350(1100-1600r/min)Max.gradient ability(%)3735Fuel consumption limit(L/100km)36.634Overall dimension(L*W*H)12000*2490*380012000*2490*3850Full-load total weight(kg)2800029000

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