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3.7v To 37v, 2000mah To 8800mah , 18650 Li-ion Battery Packs

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3.7V to 37V, 2000mAh to 8800mAh , 18650 Li-ion Battery Packs Designed and manufactured by Li-ion battery experts  , the battery packs and modules offered hereare pre-wired and configurated with protective circuit board (PCB). These battery packs are idealfor use right away or for making battery packs by connecting them in parallel or in serial forhigher capacity or voltage. Our Li-ion smart chargers are designed to charge these battery packs.If you have any questions or have a need for a customized battery packs,please feel free contact with us   We will  Offer a Large Selection of Different idea at Competitive Prices:Specification:1Use high quality Seiko PCM2Use high end battery cells imported from Japan and Korea3Customize4Low self discharge rate5long cycle life6Environmental material7Factory price&High quality8Considerable service9Safe and reliable10OEM acceptableApplication:1) Communication: back-up electric supply, interphone2) Vehicles: electric bicycle, golf car, electric wheelchair3) Power tools: electric cropper, electric drill, electric saw, electric hammer.4) Illuminate devices: solar battery, miner lamp, solar street lamp, emergency light, electrictorch.5) Others: toy, small home applianceWarning 1.Do not throw battery into water or make it wet;2.Keep the battery away from heat source(like fire or heater);3.Do not throw the battery into fire or heat the battery;4.Forbid to hammer to trample the battery;5.Forbid disassembling the battery in anywayProduct pictures:  Product ProcessPackingCertification

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