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3.98 Inches Assorted Pipes For Smoking

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3.98" Long Glass Spoon PipeWeight:85gHigh Quality Thick GlassHandcrafted by GlassworksHand-Blown Glass PipeLeft Carb HoleColor:AssortedSome glass pipes are so shiny; it makes them look like they might be slippery, and hard to hang on to. That may be true for some pipes, but not this easy to grip glass spoon. At 4-inches, these glass pipes are the perfect size to slip in your pocket or bag, and take anywhere. This spoon pipes made of high-quality borosilicate glass, and its durability means it’s a good traveler. The colors are bold, and you can choose from several colors. It’s the nature of handmade pot pipes to differ slightly from one another, but with Grav Labs you can bet they all have the same quality, and function.

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