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3g Bert

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Features :• Integrated Device of Pattern Generator and Checker• Low Jitter Output, Test the Performance of Optical Modules & Components• Multi-rate, from 155Mbps to 3.1875Gbps• Multi-wavelength, from 850nm to 1610 nm(Depend on the SFP module )• Multi-Standard Test Patterns• Multi-Channel, including SFP, CH1 and CH2(Option), Every Channel can be Turned ON/OFF Separately• SFP Channel for Optical Signal Input/Output, CH1/CH2 for Electronic Signal Input/Output• Every Channel has its own Data Input, Data Output and Clock Output (Synchronized with Data Output)• LCD Screen shows the Menu, Current Working Mode, and Test Result, using the keyboard to set the working Mode• Save Five Different Working Modes• E5010 controlled by PC for building Auto Test System (Option)• Multi-rate Clock Recovery (Option)• High sensitive Data Input (< 20mV) and Optional Amplitude Output (50mV- 1.8V) (Option)Applications:• High Frequency signal transmission performance Test• For pattern generation, Generate Multi-Standard Test Patterns on different rate• With different Test Boards to test BER and Eye Pattern characters of •different Optical -Modules such as SFP, GBIC, SFF, 1x9, and different• Optical Components such as PIN-TIA, APD-TIA(Eye Pattern Analyzer orHigh Performance Oscilloscope is needed in Eye Pattern Test)• E5010 with INSTELENT T5001 Test Board for SFP/GBIC modules• E5010 with INSTELENT T5002 Test Board for SFF2x5, SFF2x6, SFF2x10 and 1x9 modules• E5010 with INSTELENT T5003 Test Board for PIN-TIA, APD-TIACharacteristics:• Rate: 155Mbps、622.08Mbps, 1.0625Gbps, 1.25Gbps, 2.125Gbps, 2.488Gbps, 2.66Gbps, 3.1875Gbps (Other rate, Depend on the customer's requirement)Test wavelength: Multi-wavelength, from 850nm to 1610 nm(Depend on the SFP module )• Output Pattern: PRBS: PRBS27 -1、PRBS215 -1、PRBS223 -1 and PRBS 231 -1; K28.5:Mixed frequency test pattern for testing deterministic jitter; CRPAT: Compliant Random Pattern; • Other high-frequency and low-frequency test patterns• Save mode: The current working mode will be saved when turned off; Save 5 different modes, to avoid setting parameters repeatedly

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