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3in 3out Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure For Optic Fiber Connection

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2in 2out Max Capacity 288cores Fiber Optic Splice Closure (GJS452) Basic Info Model NO.:GJSW-452 Working Life:25 Years Specification:ISO , TLC Cable Diameter:7mm~22mm Weight::4.0kg Cable port:2in 2out Dimension:210mm(Diameter) X450mm Sealing Method:Mechanical Seal and Sticky Cincture Seal Max Capacity:96cores(Non-Ribbon); 288cores(Ribbon)Product Description 1. The Fiber Optic Splice Closure (FOSC) is widely used for connecting of optic cables. It can be installed aerial, buried/underground and wall mounting for network of direct fiber connection or branch fiber connection.  2. The case of Fiber Optic Splice Closure (FOSC) is made of high quality Polycarbonate (PC) to make sure good performance of anti-aging and anti-erosion against acid and alkali salt. The reliable mechanical structure of the FOSC case provides good performance of resisting wild environment, intensive climate changes and serious working environment, meanwhile it gives excellent waterproof and dustproof.  3. The metal fittings of the Fiber Optic Splice Closure (FOSC) are made from high-quality stainless steel to resist erosion perfectly.  4. Easy to open, and it can be opened and used repeatedly.Technical DataEnvironment Temperature:-40ºC~+65ºCAtmospheric pressure:70~106kPaSealing Performance: Inflation pressure100kPa/24hTension:800N/1minWafering: 2000N/100mmImpact: 1m/1kg Steel ball / three timesBending: 150N/±45°/10 cyclesTorsion: 50N.m/+90°/10 cyclesInsulated Resistance: 2X104MΩ/500VCompression strength: 15kV/1min/10mA

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