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4 Vessel Brewhouse

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Four Vessels: Mush tun & Lauter tun & Kettle tun & Whirlpool tunCapacity: 10BBL/15BBL/20BBL/30BBLImformation*Mechanical agitation: cycloid reducer,*motor power: 3.0KW, speed ratio1:43;*Thickness of insulating layer:80mm;*Inner Body Thickness: 3mm*With sparge ring, CIP rotary washing ball;*The manhole is 450mm with sight glass*Thermowell tube;*Steam Heating;*Ribbon polished for the welded place;*Necessary fittings and Valves,Pipeline,Pt100,Stainless steel 304Option: steam condensate system, wort sampling stationHeating : Steam / Fire / Electricity

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