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40.5kv Switchgear

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Joyelectric International is a professional China 40.5kv switchgear distributor and agent among those well-known such manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to order 40.5kv switchgear products from our factory and company.KYN61-40.5(Z) Indoor HV Vacuum SwitchgearMain charateristicsThe switchgear is as assembly type. The circuit breaker is floor roll-out.l Adopted new compound insulation, vacuum circuit breaker has the features of good interchange ability and easy replacement.l The truck shelf is equipped with lead-screw drive mechanism, which can move truck easily and prevent the mechanism be damaged from faulty operation. l All the operations can be done with the door shut.l All interlocks connecting with the main switch, truck and door of switchgear adopt compulsive mechanical lock and can meet the requirement of "FIVE PREVENTION"l The space of the cable compartment is abundant for the connection of several cables.l The instant earthing switch is used for earthing and short-circuiting of the circuit.l The degree of protection for the enclosure is IP3X.It is IP2X when the door of truck compartment open.l It conforms to GB3906-1990.DL404-1997 and refers to IEC-298 standard.Applying ambient conditionsAmbient temperature: The max. temperature should below +40℃.The average value n 24 hours should be no more than 35℃. The min .temperature should above -10℃.The height above sea level should be no higher than 1000m.Relative humidity: The average humidity of a day should be no more than 95%.The average humidity of a month should be no more than 90%.Water vapour pressure: The average vapour pressure of a day should be more than 2.2kPa. The average vapour pressure of a month should be no more than 1.8kPa.It should be used in the place where it is free from fire, explosion, serious fifth, chemical erosion and vibration.Main Technical Data of the Vacuum SwitchgearNo.NameUnitData1Rated voltagekV40.52Rated currentA1250, 1600, 20003Rated frequencyHz504Rated short time withstand currentkA20, 25, 31.55Rated peak withstand currentkA50, 63, 806Rated power frequency withstand voltagekV95/1min7Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage kV1858Rated duration of short circuitS49The degree of protectionIP3XMain Technical Data of the Vacuum Circuit BreakerNo.NameUnitData1Rated voltagekV40.52Rated frequencyHz503Rated power frequency withstand voltagekV95/1min4Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage kV1855Rated currentA1250, 1600, 20006Rated short time withstand currentkA20, 25, 31.57Rated short circuit breaking currentkA20, 25, 31.58Rated peak withstand currentkA50, 63, 809Rated duration of short circuitS410Opening timems30≤t≤6011Closing timems50≤t≤10012Breaking times of the rated short circui breaking currentCycle2013Mechanical enduranceCycle10000Main Technical Data of Spring Operating MechanismNameUnitDataRated operating voltageOpening coilVDC220/110  AC220/110Closing coilRated operating currentOpening coilA0.96(220V)  1.05(110V)Closing coilPower of energy-stored motorW230Rated voltage of energy-stored motorVDC220/110  AC220/110Duration for storing energyS≤12 Structure Overall dimesion of the switchgearWidth×Depth×Height: 1400×2800×2600mm

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