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40w Solar Home Lighting System Portable Dc Solar Kits For Camping

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40W solar home lighting system portable DC solar kits for campingOperating steps 1.Connect the solar panel to the plug on back of the machine.2.Turn on the power switch, the power indicator, PV indicator and battery power indictors are on. When the battery power indictors are all on, it means the battery is full or full charged. When the indictors are fluid twinkling, it means battery is charging by solar panel. When there’s only red indicator is on, the battery is nearly used out and need to be charged. Please reduce the load or shut off the electric appliances.3. Connect to the DC load, such as DC lamps, mobile phone and so on.4. Pull out the radio antenna, then turn on the ON/OFF switch on radio panels. Insert the U disk or SD card and listening to MP3. Press and hold the MODE button to change mode.5.Connect the 12Vdc lamps to the 12Vdc ports, turn on the switch on lamp-socket, the lamps are on.6. Connect the USB cable to USB ports to charge mobile phone or 5V USB electric appliances.Warranty:2 years limited warranty for system. 1 year limited warranty for battery. 5 years at 90% minimum rated power output for PV modules. The limited warranties do not cover any normal wear and tear, misuse, or which has been damaged through abuse, alteration, improper installation or application, unauthorized service or modification, storage, transportation or resulting from any power failure surges, natural disaster, or other events outside Inyan Solar’s control.

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