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4*20w Led Grille Downlight

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Features : 4*20W LED Grille Downlight1.Original CITIZEN COB LEDs2.Driver :LiFud driver(3 years or 5 years warranty)3.Material : ADC12 Aluminum Housing & Heatsink4.With reflector , white finished5.Dimmable and non-dimmable option6.Voltage : 200-240VAC , 100-270VAC7.LM-80 approved , 90-100LM/W , 80LM/Watt whole lamp8.Exact Color Temperature : 2700K -5000K9.High CRI > 80Ra10.Indoor protection class11.UL/TUV/SAA/CB/CE CertificateSpecification :      ModelLEDLumenPowerVoltageBeam angleSize (mm)Cuthole (mm)QD-CG1203-30COB CREE CXA1507 4PCS2400 lm30 W220-240V        100-277V15/24°L190*W190* H96L180*W180(7.09")QD-CG1204-50COB CREE CXA1507 4PCS4016 lm50 W220-240V        100-277V15/24°L232*232* H121L220*W220(8.66")Application installation FAQ1.What is LED Downlight lumin?Lumen is the standard unit for measuring the brightness of a light. In technical terms, the Lumen is equal to the amount of light hitting one square foot of surface one foot away from the light. In a nutshell, the lumen measurement indicates the brightness of the light. If you are after a brighter light, select a downlight with a higher lumen measurement.2.Do LED Grille downlight can be adjustable?Yes, it is adjustable.3. I have insulation in my ceiling how much space do you LED Grille Downlights need for an air gap?We generally recommend leaving a 50mm gap around out LED Grille Downlights for air circulation.LED Grille Downlights produce very little heat so require less ventilation than standard halogen types of downlights.

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