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4ton/day Half Automatic Waste Tyre/oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant

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Technical DataProduct ModelSpecifications(mm*mm)Per batchCapacity(ton)Gross weight(ton)Power(kw)PackageHLN-2200-40002200*400032214.52*40'HQProduct ModelFeeding time(hours)processing time(hours)cooling time(hours)Slag outlet time(hours)HLN-2200-40001.561.51.5Product ModelReactor volumeSpecification(m)Per batch   productivityPer day productivityHLN-2200-400015m³2.2*43TON4TONwe are sure to supply the best quality ,no pollution , high oil yield with the best price,1-machine material:Q245R BOILER STEEL which is able to resist high temperature & high pressure & corrosion resisting and not easy to broke the reactor.if workers operate well,machine life can be 6~8 years.2-Safety 100% :A,There will be installed safety valves in the reactor ,oil-water separator , water- sealing system .B,Explosion-proof valves in the machine( when the pressure is too high, the valves will be open automatically, till pressure is OK., it will be closed itself.)C,Temperature gauge and pressure gauge installed in the reactor , oil-water separator , water- sealing system .we can see and control the degrees easily,3-After-sale service :One year warranty( including accessories, not including human factors and easy-broken parts ), if there are quality problems under the condition buyer operates the machine according to equipment instructions, we should be unconditional to change or repair the broken parts.we provide catalyst formula free for the buyer.1.Fuel oil from waste tire are used in below industriesA.power plant factoryB.glass factoryC.cement factoryD.ceramic factoryE.aluminum factoryF.boiler factoryG.central heating factoryH.painting factory2.Carbon black from waste tire are used in below industriesA.electric cable jacketingB.conveyor beltC.hose and doormatD.black nylon bagE.rubber additivesF.automatic spare partsG.heat isolationH.black colorant in rubber materialsI.plastic pipesJ.industries rubber products K.fire fighting

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