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4w Iso15693 Long Range Reader With 8 Antenna Ports

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Shenzhen Chafon Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading 4w iso15693 long range reader with 8 antenna ports manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to wholesale newest, low price and high-quality 4w iso15693 long range reader with 8 antenna ports from us. Product Description CF-RH9048 is a high performance ISO15693 protocol HF tag reader. It is designed upon fully self-intellectual property. Based on proprietary efficient anti-collision algorithm, it supports fast tag read/write operation with high identification rate. It can be widely applied in many RFID application systems such as logistics, personnel identification, conference attendance system, access control, anti-counterfeit and industrial production process control system FEATURES 1. Self-intellectual property; 2. Support mainstream ISO15693 protocol tag (TI, PHILIPS, ST, INFINEON, FUJITSU, EM); 3. RF output power over 4W; 4. Advanced anti-collision algorithm. High identification rate with tag processing speed 30~50PCS/s); 5. SMA RF interface to support standard 50ohm RFID antenna. Effective distance up to 90cm; 6. Support TRANSPARENT COMMAND; 7. Support optional DPPM and WPPM; 8. Support eight addressable antenna ports; 9. Support multiple readers network; 10. Low power dissipation; 11. Provide DLL and demonstration software to facilitate development  INTERFACE DESCRIPTION     1. Power Supply Socket J1 No. SYMBOL COMMENT J1-1 PWR +11.6~15V J1-2 GND Ground  2.SMA Antenna Socket J21, J22, J23, J24  3.Communication Socket J3  Standard DB9 Female Socket to be directly connected to the host. No. SYMBOL COMMENT 1 G_IN1 General TTL level input with internal 20kΩ pull-up resistor to +5V 2 TXD(R-) RS232 serial data output or RS485 R- 3 RXD(R+) RS232 serial data input or RS485 R+ 4 G_OUT1 General TTL level output with drive/sink 5mA current (max.) 5 GND Ground 6 G_OUT2 General TTL level output with drive/sink 5mA current (max.) 7 COMMON Common contact of built-in relay 8 N_C Normally close contact of built-in relay 9 N_O Normally open contact of built-in relay    CHARACTERISTICSAbsolute Maximum Rating ITEM SYMBOL VALUE UNIT Power Supply VCC 16 V G_IN1\G_OUT1\G_OUT2 I/O Voltage VIO 7 V Operating Temp. TOPR -25~+60 °C Storage Temp. TSTR -25~+80 °C  Electrical and Mechanical Specification  Under TA=25°C,VCC=+12.6V unless specified ITEM SYMBOL MIN TYP MAX UNIT Power Supply VCC 11.6 12.6 15 V Current Dissipation IC   0.8 1.2 A Frequency FREQ   13.56   MHz Effective Distance * DIS 0 900 1000 mm G_IN1 Input Level VIH        VIL 3.5 2.6        2.3          1.55 V        V G_OUT1, G_OUT2        Output Current ±IO     5 mA G_OUT1\G_OUT2        Output Level VOH(IO=-5mA)        VOL(IO=5mA) 3.95            0.73 V Relay Rated Load CLOAD          0.5A at 125VAC        1A at 24VDC   Operating Voltage       125VAC        60VDC V Operating Current       1 A Size L x W x H   215 x 138 x 39   mm

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