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5 Gallon Cap Mold

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Product Description
5 gallon cap mold1. 5gllon cap mold material is HDPE,guarantee 2 years.2. Hotset Heating Ring3. Sure Mold Temperature Control4. Delivery time:2 months5. High-precision standardized proccessing guarantee components interchangeability.6. Quick and balanced access to all gates,tips and heaters.7. Reduced maintenance cost.8. Naturally balanced melt flow for even filling in high cavitation hor runners.9. Uniform temperature for homogeneous melt and high quality parts surface.10. Individual tip control for crisp clean gates.11. Highly efficient cooling channels for shorter cycle time.12. Optimized melt bores for quick color change.13. Molybdenum alloy tip inserts for wear reisitance.14. Compact components for flip top cap mold strength.

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