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500 Litres Mineral Water Treatment System

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Tinyard Enterprise Co.,Limited is one of the top level China 500 litres mineral water treatment system manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale 500 litres mineral water treatment system from our factory.1. request:Input Water electric conductance600L/H, pressure: 0.2MPa2?Mechanical filter Stainless steel D300×12001 Working pressure:0.2MPaflow rate >600L/HFilter material: quartz sand:200kg3?Active carbon filterStainless steelD300×12001 Working pressure:0.2MPaflow rate >600L/H?Active carbon:100kg4Micron filter D90×10001With 5u×1000 core 2pcs5??Hollow fiber filterchinaD95×10001Working pressure:0.1Mpa, flow rate: 500L/hHollow fiber filter film:? 1 rollFilter capacity:? 6000-1000006Ozone generatorchina3g/h1User? prepare the Oxygen tank

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