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500w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1325

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500W Fiber laser cutting machine ( SK-F 1530) 1.Preface According to the product characteristics of your Company (hereinafter referred to as Party A), combined with the product characteristics of Jinan Xintian Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Party B) , We developed the following solution (hereinafter referred to as the solution) for the Party A "Laser welding machine" project. 2.About laser cutting machine  SK-F1530 500 type optical fiber laser cutting machine is adopted the most advanced fiber laser which output laser beam of high energy density, and gathered in the workpiece surface,  to  make the workpieces is melted and gasified with short moment on the area of  super fine focus light irradiation , with moving  the light to shine through numerical control mechanical system to cut automatically. fiber laser cutting machine adopts the gantry structure with a stable structure, good rigidity, the characteristics of high speed. laser cutting machine lathe bed is weld assembly with many times  effective treatment , transmission parts such as transmission, guides and pinion and rack adopt imported well-known brand, whose goal overall structure and gear rack transmission way ensure the equipment of the high-speed positioning, fast dynamic response and good stability. It represents the developing direction of the laser cutting machine.  Technical specificationsoptical parameterUnit500Woperational modeCW,QCWwavelength of the center radiationnm1070-1080standard power outputW500optical qualityMm*mrad4SPD speedkHz5Optical fiber diameterμm≥50output power stability (long-term)%±2power supplyVAC400-460Power consumption (including supporting annex)kW2Main Characteristics:Superb quality of laser beam,constant BPP within all the ranges of laser powers,so that long focus can still get pretty small laser spot.Special wavelength(1070nm), having special capability of cutting highly-reflective materials,such as aluminium, cooper and brass,etc.electro-optical conversion efficiency of laser supply>25%, much more efficient than CO2(<10%), so that consumption of electricity has been depleted very much.Laser is transmitted by fiber cables, almost no consumption during transmission.Modular design, "using immediately after plugging in", mini size,easy to be installed, no maintenance of laser supply and transmission system of laser beam.Life span of pumping source >100,000 hoursComparison between different laser suppliersItem fiber laser supply CO2 laser supply electro-optical conversion efficiency25%Power consumption2.5 KW>10KWBPP<2.56Life span of semiconductor pump>100,000NACutting speed3X1XNeed of special gasNONeed laser pump gasmaintenanceNOYesFlexible processingYesNoEnvironmental adjustingShockproof, oilproof,dustproofNeed to avoid shock,need to be sealedStabilityBestGoodAbsorptivity—steel35

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