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5.4" Inches Assorted Honeycomb Pipes

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5.4" Long Glass Spoon PipeWeight:84gHigh Quality Thick GlassHandcrafted by GlassworksHand-Blown Glass PipeLeft Carb HoleColor:AssortedThis pipe features a side devil hook. The tail is all black with a white head. The bowl is reversible designed to make a cool wig wag look. This is a very hip pipe and takes a lot of time to blow by the artists. It is said that this product is based on an ancient Chinese story generated. A long time ago, there are seven children because they look like a long gourd, so their grandfather named him gourd. 7 gourd child and grandfather living together, they are very happy. But there is always a goblin to destroy their lives, children and grandfather to their homes, and ultimately get rid of the goblins, they therefore again a happy life together. Therefore, according to the manufacturer of the story made him a product

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