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5.5 Inches Assorted Helix Pipes

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Product Description
Weight:200gHigh Quality Borosilicate Glass5.5 Inches in LengthGlass Thickness:25mmHandcrafted by GlassworksHand-Blown Glass PipeColor:Blue and PinkIt's hard to get across in these photos just how heavy and detailed this glass sculpture feels in your hands,and we think that once you get this piece in your hands,you won't want to put it down!The pussy pipe is a curvy,sexy nude woman made of heavy borosilicate glass,with a bowl,carb hole and clear internal airway.The mouthpiece is just between her legs,so you lay her on her back and light the bowl to inhale.Detailed contours on the glassy,smooth clear glass surface made this piece that is very satisfying to hold and smoke from!The airway is straight and can be cleaned by soaking the piece in a cleaning solution and /or using soft,flexible pipe cleaners.

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