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630 Seriest Chamber Pressure Filter

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Product Description
Characteristic: 1.This type filter press is manual hydraulic pressing and screw maintaining pressure or automatic hydraulic pressing and automatic maintaining pressure. Comparing to other filter press machine, it is featured in small size, proper structure, easy to operate and maintenance,maximum feeding and squeezing pressure is 2Mpa and efficient in filtering2.The filter plate is made of reinforced poly propylene with stable chemical propetry,light weight.Anti-corrosive,acid and alkaline resistant,non-toxin and odorless.800filter area(m³)810121520Filter plate of quantity(piece)1317212533Filter chamber of Volume(m³) plate (piece)6/78/910/1112/1316/17dimensions of suction and discharge flanges(mm)DN65Undercurrent liquid outlet flange size (mm)DN40outside dimensionsXS/630length24122652289231323612width878heigth1015X630length25162756299632363716width878heigth1015XZGlength25662806304632863766width930heigth1015

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