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6880 Hot Melt Adhesive For Edge Sealing For Furniture

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6880 hot melt adhesive for edge sealing for furniture description HM-1B-6880 is High Temperature Furniture Edge Banding Hot Melt, Suitabe for Hand And All Automatic Edge Banding Machine With Good Flow Properties, Good Heat Stalility, High Adhesion Temperature, Use in Melamine, Polyester, PVC, Resin Jmpregnation Paper, Hard Wood, And Veneers, Etc. 1. 6880 hot melt adhesive parameterProduct Grade  6880 Appearance  White pellet     CompositionSynithetic resinToxicity None Softer  100-105℃ Brookfield Viscosity  35000±5000cps(200℃) Density 1.29g/cm²  StorageStored in the cool and dry ventilated places. Storage life 12 month. Package Multiwall paperbag 2. Use Introduction Material Composition And Operating Environments Change Will Transform Adhesian Result Suggest Recommend Use Material Face Can Not Store Dust Or Oil, Material Must Pass Test Through Keep Heating Temperature And Keep Dry. Recommend Use Temperature:180℃-220℃ Operating Speed:  Roller Coating:20-60 m/min. Spray Coating:12-25 m/min.3. Cleaning Before Cooling, Remain Scrap Glue, Take Spud Degeting After Cooling, Use Solvents''Banana liquid''Purging, Equiment Use Wax Purging At 120℃ Temperature, Then H.M.A Purging. Notice This information is for reference only, we strongly recommend that users carry out detailed tests to determine the final arguments.

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