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6v Types Nimh Rechargeable Battery Pack

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6V types NIMH rechargeable  battery packSHENZHEN IMPROVE BATTERY CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer specializing in  manufacture batteries in Shenzhen ,china.  It was set up in 2005.our main products including NIMH battery/pack, ,Li-polymer battery. Lithium battery.OEM orders welcome.If you need customized special battery.please also contact us. We have engineers professional design team for your requirements.  we are looking forward to your inquiry.Specification:1.Long operation life: Cycle life is more than 500 times in normal conditions; 2.Wide operation range: It can be operated in the environment of -18~50centigrade; 3.Small self discharge: Load holding capacity is batter than IEC standard; 4.Strong emergency adaptability: It can charge quickly in 1~6h in emergency conditions; 5.Good safety and reliability: Each battery has a safety valve, so it can have highsafety and reliability during long-period operation process or in major failures.Use guidelines: 1.Buy the battery charger with the same brand of battery or buy high quality charger;2.Best not to often charge the ni-mh battery in a fast charging way;  3.Charge the ni-mh battery after complete discharge in case of irreversible memory effect which causes reduction to battery capacity;4. If several ni-mh batteries in use, please organize them into group;5. Prohibit the use of the ni-mh battery in low temperature environment (0 ° C below) and high temperature environment (45 ° C above). 6.Do not mix the use of new and old ni-mh batteries;7. If long storage of the ni-mh battery,in every 3 months,not less than one time of charging and discharging of the ni-mh battery is needed. Application:MP3, Walkman, E-toys, E-tooth brusher, Brushes shaver, LED torch, Alarm system, Fire alarm, Mining light, Sex toys, Adult toys.Different battery pack pictures:  Product Process   Packing Certification  Battery knowledge●What is mAh rating mean?Answer:If you are comparing batteries to a AA with a 2000mAh rating ,it will have twicecapacity of a 1000mAh rating .●What is application for NI-MH battery?●Answer:Any appliance need high energy consumption.Such as Baby toys ,video devices ,calculator,Camera,microphone, remote controls etc.●Why should I use higher rated mAh battery in my electronic devices ?Answer:Because higher rated mAh will give you longer run times between recharges ,but nobad effect on your electronic devices .●Knowledge of battery  Answer:Do not use different capacity batteries together  ,do not use battery with differentchemical material together ,do not expose battery to heat frequently.●When I receive batteries what should I do first?Answer:You had better to use it first ,because it has 60% power .

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