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7oz Pla Paper Cup

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Product Description
As a leading, responsible paper cups manufacturer, Pando is dedicated to developing environmental friendly and sustainable packaging materials for our clients and world.Our single wall compostable paper cups are lined with bioplastics- PLA (Polylatic acid) which is made from annually renewable resources, from plants not oil.Our PLA lined paper cups are compostable and biodegradable in industrial compost facilities which had been approved by OK COMPOST and Seedling logos (In accordance with EN13432 and ASTM6868).Features:  1.Large range size from 4oz to 20oz.  2.Custom printed paper cups are acceptable.  3.Up to 8 colors printing is available.  4.Fully comply with EN13432, ASTM6868, OK Compost and seedling logo are authorized  5.Metal content and migrations are in accordance with FDA/EU requests.  6. FSC certificate for paper productsTypeSizeCapacityTop/mmBottom/mmHeight/mmMaterialPrintingCustom designMOQ/pcsSample lead time Packing/carton Compostable Single Wall Cups4oz102ml62.143.858.5Paper+PLAFlexoAviaible100,000Two weeks25006oz190ml70.44979.5Paper+PLAFlexoAviaible100,000Two weeks25007oz210ml7251.478Paper+PLAFlexoAviaible100,000Two weeks25007.5oz228ml7045.693Paper+PLAFlexoAviaible100,000Two weeks25008oz278ml79.853.192Paper+PLAFlexoAviaible100,000Two weeks100010oz358ml89.86094Paper+PLAFlexoAviaible100,000Two weeks100012oz420ml89.856.7113Paper+PLAFlexoAviaible100,000Two weeks100016oz520ml89.859.7135.5Paper+PLAFlexoAviaible100,000Two weeks100020oz582ml89.8 62.8150.5 Paper+PLAFlexoAviaible100,000Two weeks1000

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