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8 In 1 Ts Mux Mux7000

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MUX7000 8 In 1 TS MultiplexerMUX7000 is a compact and cost-effective single channel DVB multiplexer with high quality and intellectual property rights. On the basis of PID packet exchange technology, it inputs 1~8 channels SPTS/MPTS and inserts EPG, CA and data broadcasting after analyzing the SPTS/MPTS, then configurates and gets one channel of multi-channels MPTS according. Furthermore, it can generate the PSI/SI information and supports filtering, adding and re-multiplexing. This multiplexer removes the Null packets automatically and has excessive multiplexing technology to ensure to output lower bite rate.Main Application: Program gathering, distributing and multiplexing CATV headend Completely comply to ISO13818, EN300 468 and GY/T 226-2007, and with some statistic multiplexing technology PCR correction, the average PCR jitter is 20~60ns Low time delay, MPEG-TS program time delay less than 100us Fault warning ,auto-remind Automatic PID conflict resolution, PID filtering and reset, the users can add or delete the programs, PID of the chosen programs is automatic inflection, supports to reach to input channel directly Insert the network parameter and generate PSI/SI information and change the name of the programs. Input/output rate statistic, and input MPTS rate auto-analysis  Friendly configuration via SNMP management, modify and edit information online High reliable design and stable in running

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