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8.5g 80km Dwdm Dual Fiber Spf+

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Basic InfoShaoxing ZKTel Equipment Company strives to be the leader in China and Internationally Excellent on Optical Communication Area.Established in 2009, ZKTel is an optical communication products provider,owning our own team of R&D, production and sales. ZKTel provides products like optical components(TOSA/ROSA/BOSA and Optical Quick connectors), also provides the optical transceivers(EPON,GPON,1X9,SFP,SFP+,XFP,QSFP+,CFP,DAC and AOC etc), which mainly be used in the building of fields like WAN,MAN,FTTx,SAN,Security, Video monitor and so on.ZKTel could offer series of solutions to Optical Communication Systems Manufactures,Security Equipment and Wireless Communications. ZKTel owns proprietary intellectual property rights, business on OEM and ODM.Product DescriptionCertification:ISOZKTEL's SFP+ is applied to 10Gbit/s Ethernet and 8.5Gbit/s Fiber Channel system, the latest pluggable optical modules. This module is designed to a smaller size and by lower costs and provides greater access density, and ultimately improves user access capacity. SFP+ in order to meet the higher data rates, designed to enhance the electromagnetic shielding than the SFP and signal protection features, and to develop a new power interface specification. Host board designers using an EDC PHY IC should follow the IC manufacturer's recommended settings for interoperating the host-board EDC PHY with a limiting receiver SFP+ module. The transceiver is ROHS compliant and lead free per Directive 2002/95/EC, Now we have data-rate of 8.5Gbps, 10Gbps SFP+ optical modules.Absolute Maximum RatingsParameterSymbolMin.Max.UnitsNotesStorage TemperatureTst-40+85C-Relative HumidityRH085%-Power Supply VoltageVcc-Vee-0.53.8V-Recommended Operating ConditionsParameterSymbolMinTypicalMaxUnitSupply VoltageVcc3.133.33.47VSupply currentIcc-420610mAOperating Case temperatureTca-5-70CModule Power DissipationPm-1.42WNotes:[1] Supply current is shared between VCCTX and VCCRX.[2] In-rush is defined as current level above steady state current requirements.Transmitter Specifications - Optical and Electrical(10G, DWDM EML and APD, DWDM,80kmReach)ParameterSymbolMinTypicalMaxUnitOpticalCenter Wavelength (SOL)c -25+25pmCenter Wavelength (EOL)c-100+100pmOptical OMA PowerPom-1dBmSide Mode Suppression RatioSMSR30--dBOptical Transmit Power (disabled)PTX_DISABLE---30dBmExtinction RatioER9-dBRIN21OMA [1]-128dB/HzOptical Return Loss Tolerance21dBElectricalData RateMra-10.311.3GbpsInput differential impedanceRim-100-937;Differential data InputVtxDIFF120-850mVTransmit Disable VoltageVD2.0-Vcc3+0.3VTransmit Enable VoltageVen0-+0.8VTransmit Disable Assert TimeVn--100us

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