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8.66 Inches Clear Bong Accessories

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Product Description
Color:ClearDimenstions:Approx 8.66 Inches in Height / Base 80mm in diameterJoint Size:23mm FemaleGlass Thickness:4mmWeight:Approx 0.57LB(260g)Materlal:Permium-Grade Borosillicate glassPercolator:Honeycomb PercThis scientific glass dab rig is a convenient and portable size while having an extremely unique design that prioritizes function. The oil rig has a standard 23mm female joint,Website:http://www.smokditrots.com, and the connecting tube tunnels through the upper chamber before arriving at the lower one. The lower section is a small chamber attached to the thick base and it contains the honeycomb disc percolator. After vapor weaves through the many tiny holes of the honeycomb perc, it travels through the upper chamber which is designed as a 3 hole donut perc. Here, it flows through the curvatures of the circular chamber before exiting via the bent neck mouthpiece. The dual perc design provides amazing filtration while the bent neck mouthpiece functions as a splashguard to keep all of the water inside the concentrate rig. The compact design makes this an excellent flavor saver.

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