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8p Water Chiller Equipped With Induction Heating Machine

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8P Water Chiller Equipped with Induction Heating MachinePlace of Origin:In Zhengzhou of China. Our induction heating machines are produced in Zhengzhou,Website:http://www.lipai-induction.com, which is bounded on the convenient location. Due to the superior situations, such as transportation ,our machines can be conveyed to customers timely in this way.Contents:Water circulation system:The water pump is responsible for extracting water from the tank into cooled equipment users need. After chilled water takes away heat, the temperature rises and then goes back freezing tank.Electrical automatic control system:It comprises the power supply section and the automatic control section. The power supply section supplies power for compressors, fans, pumps and so on through contacts. Automatic control section includes that temperature control, pressure protection, delay device, overload protection and so on are combined with each other, achieving to automatic mediation, protection and other functions according to the water temperature.Production Capacity:Our company which is dedicated to produce high efficiency can be completed with in-time and required productions. Zhengzhou Gous is considered to manufacture various kinds of machines of different applications, such as induction heating machine, induction hardening machine, induction annealing machine, induction melting machine and the like. According to customers’ need, we can offer in-time production to you with superior delivery service. Zhengzhou Gous has the comprehensive factory and experienced team of technicians so that products can be obtained in required time and corresponding demand.Error Code Description:Size8PEr08Cold medium    shortEr01Reverse phaseEr09Cold pump    overloadEr02#1Comp.high    press.Er10Cool medium    short/fan overheatEr03#1Comp.low    press.Er11Cool pump/fan    overloadEr04#1Comp.overloadEr12Low temp.Er05#2Comp.high    press.Er13Sensor openEr06#2Comp.low    press.Er14Sensor shortEr07#2Comp.overloadEr15FreezingAdvantages:1.Energy-Efficient Economy: Digital electronic thermostat can accurately measure the temperature of the cold water, so automatically controlled operation of the unit to ensure energy-efficient units. All units are shipped well before the internal wiring, refrigerant charge and environmental simulation test site, installation on site is simple and economical.2. Environmental protection: You can use refrigerant mediums of R134A, R407C and R410A, etc. And the unit runs without any pollution (burning, smoke, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, no waste), suitable for indoor use to factory.3. Safe operation: Machine’s body is disposed compressor start delay protector, overcurrent relay, low voltage switch, safety valve, automatic malfunction alarm protection, to ensure the safe operation of the unit. The automatic alarm protection can ensure the safe of operation of unit if a fault occurs.After-sale:Trusted brands of LiPAI and outstanding team of members enable to offer superior manufacturing quality and extraordinary delivery service support. Responsible team of technician is available any time of the day or night and able to provide quick response to our customers wherever they are.And experienced employees give the ability to handle large orders or volume increases while maintaining our commitment to quality, service and delivery. Strong staffs can be qualified to address customers issues and emergencies while they can provide appreciate solutions.

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