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904l Rolled Rings

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Product Description
The 904L( NS N08904, DIN1.4539) is the super austenitic stainless steel, with 24-26% Ni , 14-18% Cr and 4.5% Mo contents. As a austenitic stainless steel with lower Carbon contents and higher Nickel, Molybdenum contents. The 904L stainless steel was imported from the French company H.S at the beginning. It was first invented by the Finnish company OUTOKUMPU OY. This material had the very good capacity of activation and deactivation transformations, excellent corrosion resistance. The 904L stainless steel can well work in vitriol oils below 70℃ with various concentration, it can resistant the ethylic acid with various concentration and temperatures in normal pressure as well as the in the liquid mixture of ethylic acid and formic acid. The 904L stainless steel had nice performances of welding and machining. This material widely used in kinds of petroleum and petrochemical equipments, storage and transport equipments for vitriol oils, power plant flue gas desulfurization device, organic acid treatment system, seawater treatment equipments, seawater heat exchanger, paper industry equipments, sulfuric acid equipments, nitric acid equipments, acid and pharmaceuticals industry and other chemical equipments, pressure vessels, food equipments, centrifugal machines, reactors, etc. It is very hard for most of producers to forge this material well, the 904L is easy to be crack when forged. With long experiences and advance technology, we forged a lot of 904L stainless steels well, in general, we need to press the 904L forgings 4-5 times, it’s means that the forging should be back to the furnace for heating 4-5 times, for the normal stainless steels, it’s only need to press 2 times at most. We supply kinds of forged rings, flanges, bars, shafts and other parts in 904L materials at the moment. The quality of the 904L forgings from JINLUN is perfect and satisfied with our European customers. It was well known as watchcase of ROLEX is made from the 904L stainless steel.

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