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914mm Width Steel

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PPGI1.According to the special paints and use classification; such as epoxy zinc-rich paint, cold-rolled steel sheet is an organic coated steelsubstrate surface coated steel sheet and a special coating machine clad sheet, such as Tamerlane diaphragm, sandwich plate, shockproof board.2.By coating different times,there is a painted a bake ,tow painted tow bake,three painted three bake,four painted four bakefour different coating processes obtained organic coated steel.3.According to the flower or the printing process can be divided into wood board,marble,a leather,cement mortar lines coated steel plate.SMP,Silicone Mobified PolyesterThere’s strong bond between single bond and multi-bond.That makes PVDF has very good ability of color and corrosion protection.It’s most advanced products in construction building industrial.As the large molecular weight and direct bond structure,it not only good at chemical resistance,but also good at mechanical,resistance of UV and heat resistance.Under normal circumstances, the corrosion life of up to 20--25 years.dimensional precisionGeneral Thickness PrecisionPT.AGeneralWidth Precision  PW.AGeneral Length PrecisionPW.AGeneral irregularities PrecisionPF.AHigh Thickness PrecisionPT.BHighWidth Precision  PW.BHigh Length PrecisionPL.BHigh irregularities PrecisionPF.BType of ApplicationBuilding(outdoor)Building(indoor)Household Electrical AppliancesFurnitureSteel WindowOthersCodeJWJNJDJJGCQTCoated surfaceCoated sheetEmbossingsheetPrinting sheetHot foilsheetType of coatedSurface second layer、back firstlayersurface second layer、back secondlayerCodeTCYAYIRTMCode2/12/2

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