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9.5m Luxury Yacht

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YAMAR Luxury YachtSmall Private / Family typeMaterial: GRPLength: 31.2ft (9.5m)Width: 8.85ft (2.7m)Molded depth: 4.9ft (1.5m)Passenger number: 12Navigating Area / Level: Inland River Level A Engine: 220HP   Speed: 45km/hThe design style and the past yacht are very different and new. The boat body was gorgeous and smooth. A comfortable living space to become a floating in the sea of senior apartment; lateral stability technology of fusion, the sailing also more enjoyable. Clever yacht design concept, making the yacht smooth and safe, while the ship design avant-garde, smooth lines, luxurious decoration, configuration of high-grade.You will find it comfortable to ride on a yacht! Bring your family and friends to the party, whether it is leisure, viewing chat, or enjoy music, wine tasting tea, will make you very excited and very proud! Can get a real yacht to enjoy! The high-end technology and compact assembly technology in here and finally reached the best balance point.

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