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A300 Finger Oxygen Meter

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A300 Finger Oxygen Meter, based on all digital technology, is intended for noninvasive spot-check measurement of SpO2 and pulse rate. The product is suitable for use in family, hospital (including clinical use in internist/surgery, anesthesia, pediatrics, intensive care and etc.), oxygen bar, social medical organizations and physical care in sports.Features1. Lightweight and Easy-To-Use. 2. Color OLED simultaneously displays for testing value and plethysmogram. 3. Adjust the parameters in friendly menu.4. Manually adjust the direction of interface. 5. Low battery voltage indicator. 6. Visual alarm function. 7. Automatically switch off while no signal. 8. Standard two AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries support more than 20 hours continuous work. 9. Advanced DSP algorithm inside decreases the influence of motion artifact and improves accuracy of low perfusion. 10. Low perfusion: 0.2%Product introduction1. Display interfaceThe display interface of "OLED" can rotate 4 directions with 6 different display modes after pressing the direction button. It is shown as below:2.Specification:Hemoglobin Saturation Display: 35-100%Pulse Rate Display: 30-250 bpmPower Consumption: < 30 mA (normal)Resolution: Hemoglobin Saturation (SpO2 ): 1 %;   Pulse Rate: 1 bpmMeasurement Accuracy:Hemoglobin Saturation (SpO2 ): 70 % - 90 %;   2 % unspecified (≤70 %)Pulse Rate: 2 bpmMeasurement Performance in Low Perfusion Condition: ≤0.2

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