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Aaa Nimh Rechargeable Batteries

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AAA Size NiMH Rechargeable Batteries   SHENZHEN IMPROVE BATTERY CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer specializing in  manufacture batteries in Shenzhen ,Website:,china.  It was set up in 2005.our main products including NIMH battery/pack, ,Li-polymer battery. Lithium battery.OEM orders welcome.  If you need customized special battery.please also contact us. We have engineers professional design team for your requirements.  we are looking forward to your inquiry. NI-MH AAA BATTERY TYPES Model No Nominal      Voltage Nominal Capacity      mAh Diameter Diameter    mm Height           mm AAA 1/3AAA 1.2 120 10.0±0.05 15.0±0.2 2/3AAA 1.2 300 10.0±0.05 28.5±0.2 4/5AAA 1.2 300 10.0±0.05 38.0±0.2 4/5AAA 1.2 350 10.0±0.05 38.0±0.2 4/5AAA 1.2 400 10.0±0.05 38.0±0.2 4/5AAA 1.2 500 10.0±0.05 38.0±0.2 AAA 1.2 300 10.0±0.05 43.0±0.2 AAA 1.2 400 10.0±0.05 43.0±0.2 AAA 1.2 500 10.0±0.05 43.0±0.2 AAA 1.2 600 10.0±0.05 43.0±0.2 AAA 1.2 650 10.0±0.06 43.0±0.2 AAA 1.2 700 10.1±0.05 44.0±0.2 AAA 1.2 800 10.1±0.05 44.0±0.2 AAA 1.2 850 10.1±0.05 44.0±0.2 AAA 1.2 900 10.1±0.05 44.0±0.3 AAA 1.2 950 10.1±0.05 44.0±0.3 5/4AAA 1.2 600 10.0±0.05 49.0±0.2 5/4AAA 1.2 700 10.0±0.05 49.0±0.2 5/4AAA 1.2 800 10.0±0.05 49.0±0.2 4/3AAA 1.2 900 10.0±0.05 67.0±0.2 4/3AAA 1.2 1000 10.0±0.05 67.0±0.2 Specification: 1.Nominal voltage: 1.2V per cell 2.Capacity: 100mAh~1000mAh 3.Discharging end voltage: 1.0V 4.Standard charging current: 0.1A for 16 hours 5.Standard discharging current: 0.2A 6.Cycle life: 500 times 7.Cylindrical type available: size AAA 8.Charging temperature: 0 to 45 degree Celsius 9.Discharging temperature: -20 to 60 degree Celsius 10.Storage temperature: -20 to 45 degree Celsius  11.Battery pack available    12.Approved by CE, RoHS Battery structure  Our Services 1.Your inquiry related to our product & price will be replied within 24hours. 2.Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries professional in English of course. 3.Working time: 8:00am - 9:30pm, Monday to Friday. 4.OEM is highly welcomed. We have strong R&D team here to help. 5.Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party. 6.1 year warranty of products and good after-sale service offered, please get back if you  got question. 7.Our NiMH batteries can be packed in PVC shrink/ PVC sleeve/ PET sleeve/ blister card,  then put into box/cartons/ pallets. Suitable container shipment. 8. Shipping port: HongKong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou Application: Digital camera,portable video,game,flashlight, remote control,toy,MP3/MP4 player,electric razor. Product Process     Packing  Certification   Battery knowledge ●What is mAh rating mean? Answer:If you are comparing batteries to a AA with a 2000mAh rating ,it will have twice capacity of a 1000mAh rating . ●What is application for NI-MH battery? ●Answer:Any appliance need high energy consumption.Such as Baby toys ,video devices , calculator,Camera,microphone, remote controls etc. ●Why should I use higher rated mAh battery in my electronic devices ? Answer:Because higher rated mAh will give you longer run times between recharges ,but no bad effect on your electronic devices . ●Knowledge of battery   Answer:Do not use different capacity batteries together  ,do not use battery with different chemical material together ,do not expose battery to heat frequently. ●When I receive batteries what should I do first? Answer:You had better to use it first ,because it has 60% power .

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