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Aaac Bare Overhead Conductor

Product Description

STANDARD:ASTM B399, BS 3242, BS EN50183, DIN 48201, IEC 61089, etc
AAAC aluminum alloy conductors are extensively used for overhead distribution and transmission lines adjacent to ocean coastlines where there can be a problem of corrosion in the steel of an ACSR construction due to the following features:

1.high strength to weight ratio
2.better sag characteristics
3.improved electrical properties
4.excellent resistance to corrosion
5.higher operating efficiency of the line

Aluminum alloy conductors have a number of advantages over the use of the ACSR or all-aluminum conductors.
1.Lower power losses than for equivalent single-aluminum-layer ACSR conductors.(The inductive effect of the steel core in the ACSR is eliminated.)
2.Simpler fitting than those required for ACSR.
3.Excellent corrosion resistance in environments conductive to galvanic corrosion in ACSR.
4.Strength and sag approximately the same as for equivalent 6/1 and 26/7 ACSR conductors.
5.Outside diameters are the same for standard ACSR conductors, permitting interchangeability of fitting.
6.Greater resistance to abrasion than that for 1350 wires in all-aluminum or ACSR conductors.

Applicable standards: ASTM/BS/CSA/DIN/IEC standards

Concentric lay stranded Aluminium Alloy Conductors (AAAC) are made out of high strength Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy. Tinde Power manufactures and supplies AAAC with different variants of electrical grade alloy type 6101 and 6201, one or more strands of hard drawn 1350 aluminium alloy. It is similar in construction and appearance to the AAC all-aluminum conductor.

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