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Abs Module 1x4 Plc Splitter

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ABS module 1x4 PLC SplitterProducts Overview:ZG Tech's Planar waveguide light optical distributor (PLC Splitter), is a kind of planar waveguide integrated optical device, it can be 1260nm ~ 1650nm such a wide range of wavelengths of light power reservation in realization, the distribution of wavelength range covers EPON technology used 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm three wavelengths. Especially suitable for EPON Ethernet passive optical network access technology FTTP fiber network system, broadband passive optical optical distributor (POS) use.Features:Low Insertion Loss and High UniformLow Polarization Dependent LossExcellent Environmental StabilityExcellent Mechanical StabilityTelcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209Applications:Fiber to The Point (FTTH)Fiber to The Home (FTTH)Passive Optical Networks (PON)Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON)Local Area Networks (LAN)Cable Television Networks (CATV)Test EquipmentPerformance Specifications:Type 1x4 Operating Wavelength(nm)1260~1650Insertion loss (dB)Typical7.2Maximum7.2Uniformity (dB)Maximum0.8Polarization Dependent Loss (dB)Maximum0.1Return loss (dB)Minimum≥50Directivity (dB)Minimum≥55Operating temperature (℃)-20 to75Storage temperature (℃)-40 to 85Optical fiber typeSMF-28 Or the customer requireOptical fiber length (m)1.0 or customizeRemarks:1.All measurements at room temperature.2.Specification exclude connector loss. 3.The Insertion Loss, if with connector, PC/UPC will be 0.2dB higher; APC connector will be 0.3dB higher.4.Return Loss, if with connector APC>60dB,UPC>55dB.ABS Plastic Box Package Pictures:ABS Plastic Box Dimensions:PLC Type1x4ABS BOX Pacakge      (mm)100*80*10Ordering Information: ZP Channel      Type   Package Type   Fiber Type Connector Type In Connector Type  Out Fiber      Length Z=ZG TECHP=        PLC0104=1x4B=ABS Box   1=900um loose tube2=2mm cable3=3mm cable0=no connector      FU=FC/UPC      FA=FC/APC      SU=SC/UPC      SA=SC/APC      LU=LC/UPC      LA=LC/APC      S=Specify0=no connector      FU=FC/UPC      FA=FC/APC      SU=SC/UPC      SA=SC/APC      LU=LC/UPC      LA=LC/APC      S=Specify10=1meter 15=1.5 Meter 20=2.0 Meter 30=3.0 MeterExample:ZP0102B2FAFU15ZG TECH PLC Splitter, 1X4, ABS box type,2mm fiber, input FCAPC, Output FC/UPC, Fiber length 1.5 Meters.Packing Detail: Method: Packed into blister box, 1 or 4pcs/box. then they will be packed into a master carton. It suitable for ABS box with or without connector.Company Information: Payment & Shipping information:

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