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Ac Hv Testing Transformer

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Poratble Transformer Tester/HV Test Transformer Classification:There are four kinds of high voltage testing transformer according to the medium points:1. Oil-immersed high voltage transformer test: large capacity, cheap, convenient maintenance, mainstream products.2. Inflatable high voltage test transformer : interrupter resistance, and light weight.3. Dry typehigh voltage testing transformer: light weight, light volume, can run backward, price expensive.4.Series type high voltage testing transformer: small volume, low voltage, light weight, easy to transport and install.Poratble Transformer Tester/HV Test Transformer Feature:AC hipot tester series Testing Transformer is power plants, power supply bureau and research institutions and other users to do the AC voltage test basic test equipment, by the standards of the State Bureau of Quality Supervision , for a variety of electrical products, electrical components, insulation material dielectric strength test , etc. , the insulation level assessment of products under the provisions of the voltage , insulation defects were found in the sample , and measure the ability of over-voltage.ModelCapacity(KVA)Output(KV)AC     DCCurrent(Ma)AC          DCLow pressure inputChangeTempera- ture(℃)raised/30 minuteVAHZYB(G)-1.51.5507030152007.550010HZYB(G)-33507060152001550010HZYB(G)-55507010015200/3802550010HZYB(G)-1010507020010038050/2650010HZYB(G)-202050704001003805350010HZYB(G)-303050706001003807950010HZYB(G)-4040507080010038010550010HZYB(G)-50505070100010038013250010HZYB(G)-5510014010050200/38025100010HZYB(G)-101010014020010038050/26100010HZYB(G)-202010014030010038053100010HZYB(G)-303010014040010038079100010HZYB(G)-4040100140600100380105100010HZYB(G)-50501001401000100380132100010

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