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Ac Metallized Film Capacitors X2

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AC Metallized Film Capacitors X2Service temperature range:-40~+100℃   Voltage rating:250VAC~275 VACCapacitance tolerance:±10%(k),±20%( M)‍Test voltage:Between leads 1700VDC(2s), Between terminals and case 2000VAC(50s)I.R.:≤0.33μF,R>30000MΩ,> 0.33μF, > 10000s D.F.:C≤0.33F,≤10X10-4(1KHz),20X10-4(25±5 ℃,10KHz)C>0.33F,≤10X10-44(1KHz),20X10-4(25±5 ℃,10KHz)                   Features and ApplicationsNon-inductive winding type; small size; encapsulated in flame retardant plastic case; Its components are sealed with epoxy resin.  Withstand over voltage stressing  Good weldability   With Self-healing property  Usage of connection to the supply mains, electromagnetic interferences suppressionApplied to sparkle-suppression circuitsApplied to the mains of power switch.  AC Metallized Film Capacitors X2.pdf

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