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Accelerator Tdec

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Product Description
Product SpecificationTDEC-75Pre-dispersed Polymer Bound ChemicalsFunctionVulcanizing AgentProduct DescriptionComposition75 % tellurium diethyldithiocarbamate,25% EPDM/EVA binder and dispersing agentsAppearanceOrange granulesDensity (g/cm3)Approx 1.05Sulphur Content(%)Approx 11.70Application NotesUseSuper accelerator TDEC-75 for NR and synthetic rubbers. It causes a high spped vulcanization of EPDM and IIR when used together with other accelerators of the thiazole, thiuram and dithiocarbamate class. Even used in small amounts of TDEC-75, it gives a shorter total curing time. The vulcanizates using TDEC-75 have high tensile strength, and good aging resistance. Additions of TDEC-75 are advantageous in soft compounds with a high oil content, since larger dosages of oil reduce the curing rateDosage0.1 - 2 phrPackaging25 kgs in carton box with polyethylene bag linerStorageKeep cool (below 25℃) and dry in original package.24 months from production date

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