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Accurate Diaphragm Metering Pumps

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Accurate Diaphragm Metering Pumps GM mechanical diaphragm metering pump belongs to LGP G series mechanical diaphragm pumps. G series pumps are robust and reliable motor driven diaphragm metering pumps. The stroke length can be adjusted to alter capacity of this pump. Two non-return valves prevent the feed chemical from flowing back during pumping. Each pump with the reinforced plate to protect the diaphragm. LGP G series pump are very durable for processing all kinds of chemicals with wide flow rate range.Specifications: ●Capacity range: 25 l/h -500lh under 50Hz●Pressue range: 5-10 bars●Processing Temperature: from 0-70℃ ( 32-158℉)●Stroke Adjustment: 0-100%●Suction lift: 1.5m●Accuracy: ±2% of set pointMaterials ●Pump head: PVC,Website:, PTFE,SS304,SS316   ●Diaphragm: PTFE         ●Check Valve: PVC, PTFE,SS304,SS316 (same as pump head selection)●Valve ball: Ceramic, SS304,SS316Parameter Table      Model50Hz60 HzPressureDiaphragm      Dia.      (mm)Power      kW(HP)Flow      (lph)Flow      (gph)SPMFlow      (gph)Flow      (lph)SPM(Bar)(Psi)GM 25/1.0256.6487.9305810145600.37(0.5)GM 50/1.0501396166011510145GM 80/0.78021482596587102112GM 120/0.7120324838144587102GM 170/0.71704596542041157102GM 240/0.5240639676288115573GM 320/0.53108214498372173573GM 420/0.5420111144133504173573GM 500/0.5480127144152576173573Standard ConnectionModelPVCPTFESSGM25~GM506.5*10mm PE hoseRC 1/2"F6*12mm welding unionGM80~GM120DN15 glue unionRC 1/2"F10*16mm welding unionGM170~GM500DN15 glue unionRC 3/4"F15*24mm welding union

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