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Acetic Anhydride C4h6o3 With A Purity Of 99%

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Physical propertyAppearance and properties: colorless transparent liquid,Website:, there is a pungent odor, its vapor is the tear gas.Melting point (c):-73.1Relative density (water =1):1.08Boiling point (c):138.6                         Relative vapor density (air =1):3.52Molecular formula: C4H6O3Molecular weight: 102.09                     Saturated vapor pressure (kPa):1.33 (36 C)Combustion heat (kJ/mol):1804.5Critical temperature (c):326Critical pressure (MPa):4.36Flash point (c):49Explosion upper limit% (V/V):10.3Ignition temperature (c):316Explosion lower limit% (V/V):2.0Solubility: soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, benzeneFlammable vapor and air can form explosive mixtures, in case of fire, high fever can cause combustion and explosion. With strong oxidant exposure can occur chemical reaction [1] to make alcohol, phenol, ammonia and amines were formed acetate and acetamide compounds. In the presence of Lewis acid, acetic anhydride can also resulted in aromatic or olefinic diameter acetylation reaction. In the presence of sodium acetate, acetic anhydride and benzaldehyde occurred condensation reaction, generate cinnamic acid. Slowly dissolved in the water into acetic acid and alcohols generated acetateAcetic anhydride (acetic anhydride) is important for the acetylation reagent, acetic anhydride for the manufacture of cellulose acetate, acetic acid plastic, non flammable film stock; in the pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing synthomycin, furazolidone, Dibazol, sulfa drugs; in dye industry is mainly used in the production of disperse blue HCl; disperse red s-swel; dispersion yellow brown s-2rel etc.; L; disperse yellow brown s-2rel and so on;

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